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CAD services

From the smallest idea to series production, we accompany you in your tasks, relieve your own capacities and offer:

  • Constructions with sense and intellect in the areas of aircraft interiors, sheet metal parts, pipe bending parts, device construction, mechanical engineering and canteen kitchens (cafeterias)
  • Prototypes with a concept and sophistication
  • Product visualization with "Ahhh" and "Ohhh"
  • Technical documentation by hand and foot


CAD Dienstleistungen Cokon CAD Konstruktionen


CAD tools

Tools are not so important for hard work, only for the result. We want to bring quality and efficiency together, that's why we at Cokon work with different CAD software depending on the task. Expensive licenses are required for your requirements.

We already have the licenses for the following CAD software: AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Works, ProEENGINEER and CATIA. You can save yourself the costs. Our portfolio of employees has several experienced colleagues for each program who are very familiar with the programs.

In addition, expensive hardware and software is required, the CAD software does not run on 0815 computer systems. If you do not meet the requirements, we can offer you the services directly from our company. The collaboration runs with the most modern software together with your team at two locations. Challenge us, we are happy to impress you too!


Cokon CAD Konstruktionen Autocad Arbeitsmittel


CAD training

Would you like to enlarge and build your own CAD construction? We help you with the selection of the equipment and provide you with the necessary know-how and manpower until the time has come.

Your workflow will not be interrupted, and in the meantime we will train your employees in the required programs.

Talk to us, it will be worth it for you.

Cokon CAD Konstruktionen Schulung